HR Automation:

HR Automation is an effective way to relieve organizations of repetitive tasks that reduce organizational efficiencies. At StarGarden we provide HR Automation solutions through our Workflow Manager - Foundation.

Foundation helps create web based workflows for Business Process Management.

Who Benefits from HR Automation and Workflows?

  • Organization who want to reduce paperwork: Internal collaboration often creates too much paperwork and lacks visibility and task tracking which robs you of valuable data and insights from collaborative tasks.

  • Security conscious organizations: Businesses who take security seriously will want employees to view information that is relevant only to them and terminate access as soon as an employee has left the organization.

  • Productivity seekers: Sometimes work stops when key resources are unavailable with no ability to delegate their work. This can be a huge bottleneck to getting projects delivered on time.

  • Communication facilitators: Sending emails to notify of tasks assigned and reminding of pending deadlines, birthdays/ anniversaries, or approvals needed, can be a time waster for your managers.

A simple solution to creating an engaged work environment and a better managed organization - Foundation.

StarGarden’s Foundation Workflow Manager helps you

  • Collaborate both internally and with external resources
  • Manage user access and network security
  • Create and assign tasks to the best resource based on rules and available resources
  • Set up automatic notifications of tasks and deadlines

Foundation is available standalone or as part of StarGarden HCM 5.0. Foundation provides you the flexibility to create web based workflows as required, when required. Find out if StarGarden’s Foundation Workflow Manager can help make some of your organization’s business processes more efficient.


Foundation is based on StarGarden’s Federation Server technology. To learn more about Foundation and StarGarden’s Federation Server Technology, click on the circles below:



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