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How Are Government HR and Payroll Needs Unique:

  • Pay plans are very structured: StarGarden has unlimited job codes, job titles, salary grades, and overtime (FLSA) statuses. Our pay grids are date effective and have a minimum, maximum, and midpoint to give you the flexibility you require to aid in salary negotiations and to meet contract requirements.
  • Equal Employment Equity (EEO) is a must: You must provide Equal Employment Opportunity and comply with all applicable federal and local laws that pertain to employment, and to providing a work environment that is free from discrimination of any kind.
  • Timeliness of Reports matters: You need to provide legally required reports promptly in compliance with various federal, state/provincial, and local mandates.
  • Training Staff is a continuous process: You are required to keep employee training relevant and up-to-date. StarGarden helps you track training requirements and keep on top of re-training and certification renewal.
  • Data Management is your biggest priority: From ensuring the accuracy of HR records and time-keeping systems to monitoring benefits enrollment, overtime, and budgeting. Solid data is crucial and StarGarden provides detailed, date-effective data for you to report on.

StarGarden HCM’s Capabilities for Government:

  • Provide accurate data for strategic planning and decision-making.

  • Allow you to keep track of complex payroll and benefits requirements.

  • Keep track of personnel changes, training, recruitment, scheduling, and overtime.

  • Help you to effectively plan for budgeting, staffing, payroll, and other essential government and quality of life services.

  • Manages compliance procedures with internal rules, policies and regulations, and legislative requirements.

StarGarden HCM helps you with human resources data while also taking care of compliance and the many complexities involved.

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