Labour Relations

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Labor Relations

Summary of the Labour Relations Functionality:

The Labour Relations module provides a full set of programs to manage grievances, disciplinary actions, and performance reviews.

Individual or class grievances are assigned unique reference numbers and are tracked through all stages until final resolution. The module's disciplinary actions management component tracks the steps taken for non-compliance with established business practices and policies. Each action is assigned a unique reference number, as well as the action taken, the resolution, the contract sections referred to, and any number of additional user-defined fields of information and comments.

The evaluation component manages the ratings and comments on an employee's performance. This may cover different types of evaluations, annual wage reviews, or others. A standard template of information is tracked including the reviewer, dates, follow-up, and others. In addition, any number of user-defined rating schemes may be utilized, as well as unlimited comments/recommendations.


  • Ability to track and report on grievances, disciplinary actions, and evaluations.
  • Provide employees with recommendations to aid in career development.
  • Ability to document all stages of grievances and disciplinary actions providing the organization with a proper paper trail.
  • Ability to schedule periodic reviews



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