Time and Attendance with Scheduling and Time Clock

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Workforce Management - Time and Attendance with Schedulling and Time Clock

You'll never have to worry about clocking in with our Time and Attendance module

Time and Attendance with Scheduling and Time Clock

Employees can clock time through the online Time Clock. As an employee works on different projects or in different areas of the organization, the employee can clock in and out and thus track the appropriate costing. Time Clock can be used in conjunction with Scheduling or on its own. Once time is entered into the system, the manager can approve and/or change time if required. Final approval is needed before the time is processed through payroll.

Group time entry for mangers: Group time entry allows managers to enter time for employees

Employees can also request time off through the online Leave Request. Managers can then approve the requests and once approved, the leave information is reflected in scheduling and in payroll.

StarGarden allows requesting leave which then gets reflected in payroll


  • Online timeclock allows employees to clock in and out of projects and areas and therefore track the related costs
  • Timeclock can be accessed from a central kiosk or on a smartphone or tablet
  • Default schedule plans are used to define and change schedules for any number of employees.
  • Line managers have the ability to transfer employees and maximize available resources.
  • Can be automatically interfaced to payroll.
  • Non-working days are planned and assigned to non-working plans which are then attached to employees or groups of employees.
  • Absence planning and history can help schedule around leaves and provide reporting based on absences.



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