StarGarden HCM simplifies the scheduling process for your organization

Work Plans and Scheduling


The StarGarden scheduling module allows the user to define even the most complex schedules. Once schedules have been defined and assigned to employees or groups of employees, managers can transfer employees between schedules and make changes to existing schedules as they occur. This allows front line managers to have better control over their work groups. Schedules can be automatically interfaced to payroll and used to generate time for employees. All changes made to the existing schedules are reflected in payroll.

Scheduling also allows for the definition and assignment of complex shift premiums. Premiums are assigned by flagging certain time periods to attract the premium. Premiums can be flat dollar amounts, amount/hour, amount/shift, or a rate factor. These premiums can also be directly interfaced to payroll

StarGarden Work Plans: Getting information of existing Work Plans is easy with StarGarden HCM


  • Default schedule plans are used to define and change schedules for any number of employees.
  • Employees can swap shifts with other employees
  • Line managers have the ability to transfer employees and maximize available resources.
  • Can be automatically interfaced to payroll.
  • Non- working days are planned and assigned to non-working plans which are then attached to employees or groups of employees.
  • Absence planning and history can help schedule around leaves and provide reporting based on absences.
  • Pay explosion pays employees a premium for working during certain predefined hours and creates time tickets reflecting the premium wage.
  • Employee shifts can be defined and built based on competency rules.



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