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Being in Education you face specific problems:

  • Faculty recruitment is different and challenging: You need to know regulations by state or provinces before finalizing proper contracts for hiring and file them safely for later reference for compliance reports.
  • You deeply care about data: You regularly need to report on salary surveys, financial aid for students, enrollments, tenured faculty, and employment equity. Slicing and dicing of data is important to let you report to Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and other compliance reports.
  • You deal with diverse staff in your department: Not only do you hire for diversity but you also have to choose systems that are user friendly and let your staff easily get on board and become effective quickly without a lot of training and troubleshooting.
  • Paying people on time has never been more important: Your employees are counting on timely and accurate pay and you have to ensure that their pay is costed to the appropriate funding accounts and data is synched with Finance.

How StarGarden can help Education HR professionals like you:

  • Position driven HR solution: This means you can easily enter the different positions related to different job descriptions and all the associated detail and description. You can configure the system with incremental pay step levels and set up rules for your employees to automatically progress through those steps.
  • Meant for all levels of tech savvy users: Our user friendly system means people with any level of tech skills can easily understand StarGarden HCM and use it like pro. Our user interface is even flexible enough to allow the user to choose the kind of interface they prefer (menu type, theme, etc.).
  • Approving time cards and paying for overtime is made easy: StarGarden HCM comes with integrated Workplan, Scheduling and Time &Attendance modules. This allows your employees to easily clock in hours and supervisors to approve multiple time cards. Data from time cards automatically flows to the payroll module to allow you to pay correctly without duplicate data entry.

Recruiting made easy: StarGarden´s recruitment workflow allows you to manage an applicant’s data from job postings, store the contracts of successful candidates, and retain information of candidates for future consideration.

Reporting with predesigned templates: StarGarden comes with embedded reporting and dashboards that utilize all the data of your employees to generate reports you will need to stay compliant. Our dashboards allow you to slice and dice the data to create reports you need for compliance reporting or budgeting. Additionally StarGarden´s team keeps our system up to date with latest regulatory requirements for tax filing and legislative compliance.

Let us take care of your data and regulatory needs while you manage your most important resource: your people! To learn how we can help you, click on button below.

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