Benefits Management

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Benefits Management

Summary of the Benefits Management Functionality:

The Benefits Management functions give your Human Resources and Payroll departments a powerful, flexible set of tools for defining, maintaining, tracking, comparing and reporting on employee benefit packages. Default plans can be defined for assignment to specific groups of employees upon entry into the system. These default plans allow the user to do mass changes and updates with little difficulty.

The system can track all of an employee's basic benefits, such as medical insurance, dental insurance, group life, and disability insurance, as well as tracking both employee and employer contributions to deferred benefits such as pensions, savings plans, and tax deferral plans. StarGarden's robust calculation screen allows for the definition of the most complex calculations without the use of cumbersome formulas or expensive customizations.


  • Unlimited, user-defined benefit and deduction codes, summarization classes for earnings, benefits and deductions
  • Employee, employer and taxable benefit usages for each benefit code and level
  • Period minimums and maximums, annual capping, life-to-date capping and summary class capping
  • Employee deductions/employer contribution registers by benefit code
  • Vendor/carrier tapes interfaces, carrier premium reconciliation
  • Single entry change for group defaults affects all associated employees
  • Override capability at employee level for individual customization
  • Full employment and earnings history in detail (all years of employment)
  • On-line management of payments and balances



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