Case Studies

StarGarden’s HCM system has been helping with HR challenges in various industries for more than 3 decades. Here are some examples of where StarGarden HCM has made a difference.

StarGarden helps manage the challenges of merging local governments

Consolidating several small counties means merging legacy systems and complicated collective agreements into a single streamlined system. Find out how StarGarden helped by providing the right solution.

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Managing an evolving unionized workforce

The HR department of Haldimand County gets revised union contracts every few years with new rules and regulations for payroll. See how StarGarden HCM system assists with pay changes each time union contracts are renegotiated.

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Upgrade or customize? StarGarden helps minimize internal resource costs

This Fire Department was using an earlier version of StarGarden and relied on customizations to meet their changing requirements. StarGarden stepped in to streamline their HR and payroll processes with an upgrade.

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StarGarden helps streamline HR and Payroll processes after an acquisition

A large manufacturer acquired a competitor creating challenges with handling payroll for employees in different provinces. Find out how StarGarden’s consultants helped get everyone paid accurately and on time.

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An integrated HR solution can help optimize your workforce

An assistance services company wanted to move to an HR/Payroll solution that houses data in Canada. See what benefits they derived from using an integrated HR system.

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StarGarden helps stream HR activities so staff can spend time more strategically

Prince William County wanted employees to become more self-reliant and use self-service capabilities. See how using StarGarden helped employees to become more productive.

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StarGarden helps a growing city meet their HR and Payroll demands

The City of St. John’s staff count had been growing. They were using Microsoft Dynamics for finances and needed a payroll solution that can not only integrate with Microsoft Dynamics but also be able to handle complex payroll calculations. Read on to find out how StarGarden helped.

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