Managing Unionized Workforce

Haldimand County selected StarGarden because it provided the flexibility and functionality needed to handle payroll for employees working in a variety of roles and union groups.

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Marnie Larson


Union agreement renegotiations means updating complex calculations for payroll :

Haldimand County has large number of union based employees. As Haldimand grows its workforce and its agreements get renegotiated, the need for more flexible, complex calculations for payroll increases.

The HR department at Haldimand has to:

  • Ensure payroll abides by new union contracts
  • Calculate retroactive payments for payroll that are back dated to some contract expiration
  • Set up new rules in the system
  • Maintain old rules to process retroactive payments
How StarGarden helps Haldimand’s HR for unionized workforce management
  • StarGarden HCM 5.0 helps manage both the new rules and the old payroll rules so retroactive payments are possible
  • StarGarden’s position-based system means each position has set of HR and payroll rules, so organizations don’t have to limit resources to a single job definition. People and positions are identified separately and united when a person performs a certain job under certain parameters
  • StarGarden system assists with pay changes every time the County’s agreement with its unions are up for renegotiation
  • StarGarden allows Haldimand to put in the data the way they need it and then analyze it using the embedded adhoc report writer

Haldimand’s payroll team is now able to spend more time on strategic activities rather than having to troubleshoot difficulties in correctly implementing new pay structures.

Being able to view unlimited amounts of employee information is one of the best aspects of working with StarGarden. We found the time to set up the modules and then put in the data the way we needed it. Now we can build our own history for analysis purposes. I am really glad we followed StarGarden’s recommendations with investing the time to add our history in to the database.

Heather Scott

Hadimand County

StarGarden’s HR/payroll gets the job done in a fraction of the time that legacy systems can. It can do more than the HR and payroll modules in standard financial packages and enterprise systems. Functionality doesn’t have to cost a fortune but you have to know how to design for it. StarGarden's integrated HR software has been road tested and enhanced based on client recommendations for over 30 years.



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