Federated Identity Management & Provisioning

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Federated Identity Management & Provisioning

Summary of the Federated Identity Management & Provisioning Functionality:

To stay competitive, organizations must extend their operations beyond traditional boundaries to include sharing access to information, resources, and services not only with their employees but also with customers, partners, public agencies, and vendors.

Organizations must be able to quickly and efficiently provision and de-provision all user identities with accounts and appropriate access rights on those systems you need to expose to your federation partners; in a flexible, secure, and transparent way. The sharing of trusted identities and policies is the key to delivering both a richer experience for users navigating within or between federation sites and reducing the cost of identity management. (See Federated Authority Management)


Organizations that choose to collaborate in federated identity-based business processes can benefit from StarGarden to:

  • Improve user experience and reduce user administration costs by using Federated Single Sign-On with customer, partner, agent, and/or provider organizations.
  • Lower user administration and provisioning costs related to identity management.
  • Improve business compliance through reduced security exposure.
  • Expand the business reach of service providers by creating revenue-generating opportunities through our distributed portal.

Provides Authorized Access

StarGarden provides authorized access by employees, contractors, partners, and customers to applications, data, and information assets at any time from anywhere in the world and allows you to effectively manage user provisioning via access rights and security credentials.

Management of Identities & Access Privileges

StarGarden allows you to distribute the management of identities and access privileges across one or many organizations in a federation. This increases accountability and integrity ensuring conformity to policy and regulatory controls whilst reducing the cost and complexity of provisioning and lag times in managing user identities.

A Single Secure Repository

With StarGarden, rather than have to replicate user identity and security administration for each organization, a single secure repository manages all user identities and provisions them through a trusted identity management service.



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