Organization Management

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Organization Management

Summary of the Organization Management Functionality:

StarGarden is uniquely organization-based. Positions - jobs, appointments, assignments - are defined independently of any other organization structure allowing these to stand vacant, have a one to one relationship with existing employees, or have one position assigned to many employees. Positions hold their own attributes and information can be attached and defaulted to the employee upon assignment to the position. Once the position is assigned to an employee, another entity is created - the employee in the position.

This entity is where a majority of qualities and attributes are associated allowing benefits and wages to be connected to the position that someone holds rather than personal traits. Many organizations are now seeing the benefit of budgeting and controlling by position.;


  • Position reporting hierarchies (for organization charting and reporting).
  • Unlimited, user-defined positions/job titles, occupations and occupation types, position status codes, position data fields, functional organizational structures (3 levels), and physical organizational structures (2 levels).
  • Position skill requirements
  • Multi-Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and partial-FTE positions
  • Position budgeting either in total or by individual organizational units which includes on-line, dynamic recording of actual against budget FTE (by position and organization)
  • On-line warnings if FTE budgets are exceeded at position or organizational levels (on hire or transfer)
  • Position posting/job competitions (internal and external)
  • Position job valuation (Hay Points or other point systems) which is directly tied to Compensation planning.



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