Accruals & Balances

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Accruals & Balances

Summary of the Accruals & Balances Functionality:

The Accruals and Balances functions of the StarGarden HR provides the ability to define and accrue into any number of user defined balances. Default plans are defined and assigned to groups of employees upon entry into the system.

These plans can be changed or filled out at any point and mass assigned to the employees affected by the change.

Accruals allow for complex calculations that can be based on user defined "buckets" of earnings. Balances can be automatically fed through the accrual process that is run with payroll or they can be manually fed or adjusted at any point. Accruals are associated with the default Balance plans and can also be changed and assigned to the employees affected.


  • Unlimited number of user defined balances
  • On-line review of summarized total of debits/credits and balances
  • Accrual of both hours and/or dollars
  • Maximums on accrual or balances
  • Predefined alternative banks when at maximum
  • Optional cycles separate from calendar year (e.g., vacation year)
  • Transfers between banks, between years within same bank (roll-overs)



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