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Top 10 MUST Have HR Workflows

Workflow technology has been here for a while but its potential is untapped.
Automation in certain areas of HR is becoming more and more important so as to enable your HR team to become more efficient and productive. Having workflows for the key areas of the employee lifecycle is important to set them up for success in your organization.


HCM Buying Guide

In this guide you will learn:

  • The 8 stages of HR software evaluation.
  • Who in your organization should be involved.
  • What budget considerations to have.
  • Tips to a successful demo.
  • How to roll out the new product that ensures adoption.


The Must-Know Rules of Employee Engagement

For years organizations have been conducting employee satisfaction surveys. However, a satisfied employee is not the same as an engaged one. Especially in this digital era, rules of engagement have changed. Download our Employee Engagement Playbook to learn:

  • The difference between engaged and motivated employees.
  • How to recognize an engaged versus a disengaged employee.
  • What is the ONE key requirement for having an engaged workforce?
  • How to engage telecommuting employees.
  • How to retool your organization for employee engagement.


Time Management: Complimentary eBook

Have you ever wondered where the 40 hours work week rule came from? Why Mark Zuckerberg is spotted wearing the grey hoodie all the time? Why do we insist on doing a less important task even if we have other more important ones?
Read our FREE eBook to find out answers to those questions and learn about:

  • The Multi-tasking myth.
  • Efficient email management.
  • Best times for working more productively.
  • The pulse and pause method for the workplace.
  • Impact of overtime and happiness on productivity.


Can You Take the Pain Out of System Upgrades? Complimentary eBook

In 2016, many companies made the leap to augment their systems with cloud-based tools or to replace their ERP-based solutions completely. If you’re considering doing the same, make sure you fully understand the true costs of system updates and the many things you should consider before opting for a new system.
This Ebook:

  • Examines the true costs of ERP system updates and the switching pains associated with such changes.
  • Offers a 360-degree view of the things you should consider before you make the decision.
  • Describes some other options that may be available to your organization to minimize costs and disruption.


Onboarding & Training Complimentary eBook

Discover the best ways to manage your onboarding and training processes so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you hire employees. Streamlining your onboarding and training processes helps you maximize your resources, train more efficiently, and successfully onboard and retain enthusiastic new team members.
This eBook covers:

  • How to determine and organize what information you include in your employee onboarding process.
  • Creative approaches for more effective training.
  • How to help your new hires transition into successful employees.


How to Succeed in Hiring Complimentary eBook

Attracting new talent is part art and part science. Explore tools and techniques that can make it easier to recruit, interview, and negotiate the final offer with candidates that are the right fit for your business.
Learn how to:

  • Attract great candidates.
  • Master the interview process.
  • Make a winning offer.
  • And more!


Employee Termination ebook

Employee Terminations are always difficult. Use this ebook to learn how to handle this difficult situation most effectively.


It’s time to upgrade your HR system ebook

Executives being bogged down by reports, inaccessible data and mounting stress on your HR department might be some symptoms of needing to change your HR strategy. If this is the case with you, it may be time to explore a new system that can help you. Read more to find out if your system and processes need change.


Cloud-based HCM & Payroll Applications: Are they safe ebook

Enterprises everywhere are opting to choose cloud based systems due to being accessible and providing real time updates allowing them to be more efficient and productive. Learn the advantages of cloud based systems and why HCM should be in cloud and evaluate safety features before making the decision.
Learn about:

  • The advantages of the cloud.
  • Why cloud-based HCM & workflow systems are REVOLUTIONARY.
  • The safety concerns surrounding the cloud -- and the truth.
  • How to make the switch to a cloud-based system.


A day in the life of HR professional ebook

HR executives have a huge task list of things they have to accomplish in a day. Companies waste time and resources in manual processes affecting their efficiency. In this ebook find out how your organization is impacted by HR systems and the differences between HR professionals using software tools to help them versus those who still rely on manual processes.
In this e-book:

  • Explore statistics and information about how your company is affected by your HR systems.
  • Identify the symptoms of an HR system that is failing your business.
  • Discover how using integrated systems and automated workflows free your employees to contribute to the overall strategic success of your business.
  • Read an illustrative comparison of the impact on two CEOs’ lives and their company’s success – or failure – when they need to quickly gather information.
  • Analyze the story of two payroll clerks: One is inhibited by tedious manual reporting systems; the other is freed to contribute to the company’s success by using automatic workflows.


Software solutions for specialized industries ebook

HR & Payroll systems can make or break your business. Efficient systems and processes help to effectively manage resources. In this ebook, find out how customized integrated HR and payroll systems have helped organizations in Government, Healthcare, Cross-border, Education, and Heavy industries.




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