There has to be a Better Way

Companies with 1,000 employees

Waste $2,500,000 per year

due to the inability to find and access information
- International Data Corporation -

Your HR & Payroll System Can Make or Break Your Business

Is your staff wasting time wading through spreadsheets?

Are your employees suffering from inefficient processes or antiquated systems?

Do you have access to the data you need to make important decisions?

Are you getting the most of your HR system?

There Has To Be a Better Way

HR executives need efficient systems and processes in place so they can effectively manage payroll and access accurate data for strategic planning.

Without these systems in place – chaos ensues. But, when these systems are robust and accurate, the business – and the people who keep that business moving – thrive.

StarGarden offers a full suite of HCM and Payroll solutions to help save you time and money through streamlined processes, customized workflows and automated reporting.

In this eBook

  • 30 pages of quotes, statistics and information about how your company is affected by your HR systems
  • Identify the symptoms of an HR system that is failing your business
  • Discover how using integrated systems and automated workflows free your employees to contribute to the overall strategy success of your busines
  • Read an illustrative comparison of the impact on two CEO’s lives and their company’s success – or failure – when they need to quickly gather information
  • Analyze the story of two payroll clerks: One inhibited by tedious manual reporting systems; the other freed to contribute to the company’s success by using automatic workflows
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