Federated Authority Management

A federation is comprised of any number of affiliated and/or independent organizations. StarGarden’s Federated Single Sign-on (SGFS) organizes and manages any number of federations. Federations are completely independent of each other; basically separate worlds but within a federation, member organizations can operate privately or they can 'publish' all or part of their structure to the federation. For example, a company might wish to 'publish' a purchasing position or role to some defined part of the federation.


These structures within the federation are effectively independent communities that are defined and managed independently by the communities themselves. These communities (e.g. divisions, departments) have positions and roles which can be in unlimited numbers within a single organization or across a federation of organizations. (e.g. The federated authorities are then applied to the hierarchy structures which constitute your organizational delegation of authority policy and these authorities are in turn inherited by incumbent users.) See Federated Identity Management & Provisioning.

  • Authorities control a wide range of user privileges including workflow routings, approval rights, access to information and services, and domain/network access.
  • Through powerful inheritance architecture, federated hierarchies automatically inherit delegated authorities based on applied upward, downward or lateral inheritance.


For example, you may want to:

  • Maintain company-wide information at the top of the hierarchy and apply downward inheritance so that all communities below inherit the information.
  • Publish content via our portal and make this available to users in a specific federation role and so apply lateral inheritance.

In complex organizations, this makes StarGarden a vital tool even for simple services such as contact directories and FTE/headcounts, etc.



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