Authority Manager

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Authority Manager

StarGarden Foundation is a complete identity and provisioning portal with workflow and network management capabilities.

StarGarden’s Authority Manager Tool helps you in

  • Manage Federations:  Any number of independent or associated organizations can operate independently or at any level of collaboration using StarGarden.

  • Manage Identity: Manage people inside and outside your organization. Manage access to the right information by the right people at the right time. Includes WEB-based workflows for authentication, self-registration, and provisioning workflows.

  • Create Managed Portals: StarGarden constructs an individualized portal for each user ‘on the fly’ combining the content and tasks which are accessible to that user at that moment from any of the user’s communities, positions, and/or roles.

  • Build Workflow: Easily build/specify workflows that automatically route work tasks, guided by the federation’s defined structure and authority rules.

  • Manage Network Security: Change network privileges for users when changes in the organization structure occur automatically without the need for manual intervention.

  • Connect databases within or outside your organization: Foundation’s structure allows you to send data from your organization’s existing databases to flow to another partner in a workflow for tasks and approvals.


  • Document Repository: Securely manage documents in workflows across any number of organizations in the federation.

  • 100% Browser-Based: Rich browser interface with automatic searches and draggable windows. Deploy StarGarden in any combination of local area network, intranet, or internet.

  • Security: All content is managed by any combination of community, position, role, and/or user.

  • No Programming: Workflow tools allow business analysts to develop sophisticated WEB-based business workflows without programming.

  • Development Tools: StarGarden includes a complete application assembly framework for the accelerated development of WEB-based workflows.

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