Employee Module Provides Demographics Information

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Employee Module Provides Demographics Information

Summary of Employee Module Functionality:

The StarGarden HR enables Human Resources Managers to maintain detailed information on every employee within the organization.

Employee data is organized around a central screen containing information that provides an overview of the employee.

Numerous sub-screens can be accessed from the central employee profile screen, which contain additional information on the employee. As well, a variety of reports are available with user-defined selection and sorting capabilities.


  • Full demographic/address information in employee profiles.
  • Access by employee number, government number or name.
  • Sophisticated search/inquiry capabilities
  • Unlimited, user-defined employee groupings/classifications and statuses
  • On-line selection/query by any field in employee screen
  • Tracks position(s) currently and previously held, wage and benefits information, educational background and skills data, previous employment, payroll data, relations (dependents, beneficiaries), equipment and property issues, applications for transfer, and many more fields including special user-defined fields
  • History of changes to employee records, compensation and positions
  • "Tickler" dates/reports (next review, probationary expiry, last hire, etc)



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