Employee Evaluation and Performance Reviews

StarGarden provides a web-based technology that enables managers to become effective and accountable in tracking employee progress and facilitates consistent, fair, meaningful reviews that identify and reward high performers. Intelligent workflow management ensures all performance appraisals are completed on time and can be monitored and evaluated to ensure organization-wide compliance.

Competencies and associated performance review questions can be assigned to departments, roles, and/or positions to be inherited by incumbents. This powerful inheritance architecture reduces form maintenance and enables a consistent measurement of all employees.


StarGarden builds a custom Performance Review for each employee “on-the-fly” using these associations. For example, a performance objective for a particular department or role is automatically propagated to all reviews in that department.

The Performance Review Workflow:

  • Operates either as a stand-alone system or integrated with other HR systems to share user-defined data, including employee/position information.
  • Imports key data from any external database and use this to initiate and manage all employee reviews.


Each employee performance review is automatically initiated onto their manager’s task list and the workflow process involves the manager and employee plus any other reviewers who are included in the review.

  • At each status transition in the process, a routing rule defines who will have access to the status, and an authority rule that defines what actions they can perform.
  • Final sign-off by the employee and manager completes the process.
  • The system allows managers the ability to drill down to view performance reviews for any positions they are responsible for.
  • Managers can define whether only the manager and employee will be involved in the appraisal process or include other reviewers. If 360-degree feedback is chosen the manager can choose who else will provide feedback and the employee can suggest reviewers.
  • All the multiple reviewers will access the system online. Each reviewer completes their evaluation and their feedback is secure and confidential. They can then release their scores and comments to the manager conducting the performance review.
  • Both anonymous and named feedback is supported, and managers can also chase contributors to make sure they reply correctly and on time, via email.
  • You can also have any type of open-ended question where you may simply have no ratings but just a straight textual answer required.
  • Each employee can have different content depending on their jobs or roles in the organization and this is simple to set up and manage via our inheritance architecture. Review Forms automatically create an “instance” that pre-populates job, roles, or community-based competencies and goals from your performance libraries.
  • Competencies and objectives can be weighted and the system can calculate overall performance scores based on your requirements.


  • Automatic prioritizing of appraisals via a manager’s Task List.
  • Multiple performance review cycles.
  • Total flexibility in form creation–employee instance using Inheritance architecture.
  • 360 feedback.
  • Forms can be filled in by managers, self, and/or multiple reviewers.
  • Competency and Goal Libraries and rating scales.
  • Full history of appraisals. Managers and employees can access completed reviews at any time.
  • Workflow supports employee and manager sign-off.
  • Automatic email notifications.
  • Performance notes are captured for every evaluation and answers can be carried to future performance reviews.
  • Human Resources can view all performance reviews.
  • Printable versions of all performance documents and forms.
  • Integrates with any HRIS.
  • Graphical views measuring employee performance against department or organization average.
  • Ease-of-Use: Intuitive workflow.
  • Identifying high and low performers.
  • Skills and competency gap analysis.



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