Employee Termination Ebook

Complimentary eBook: Employee Termination

Employee terminations are always difficult. Use this eBook to learn how to handle the situation most effectively.

Despite everyone’s best intentions, companies must occasionally terminate employees. Whether due to an employee’s performance or wrongdoing or as a result of a company’s financial situation, terminations are always difficult. If handled poorly, they can result in lawsuits or complaints to government agencies claiming discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge, wage and hour liability, defamation, and more.

In this eBook we’ll cover:

  • Terminations for cause - Applicable laws, cautionary circumstances, and tips for making the process easier and more organized
  • Post-employment issues - Payments of final compensation and benefits and successful transitioning tips for the company and departing employees
  • Releases of claims - Navigating the minefield of requirements to enter enforceable severance and release agreements.
  • Planned layoffs/reductions - Issues unique to larger scale workforce reductions.
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