Merging Local Governments

A group of small counties in Ontario was consolidated into one larger county, a move that involved over 600 employees. StarGarden helped enable a smooth, efficient transition.

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Merging counties = HR and Payroll Challenges

When local governments amalgamate, the process brings many HR and payroll challenges. So how do you merge legacy systems, paper systems, and complicated collective agreements into one streamlined system? The new Payroll team had to face several challenges:

  • Combining multiple sites' data
  • The employee count was a moving target as resources were continually re-organized
  • Verifying accuracy of the information
  • Getting the new system up and running to meet a strict deadline
  • Uncertainty about the number of people the new county would be responsible for
  • Lack of resources available to the implementation team
The county relied on StarGarden team to guide them through the time-pressured situation

How did StarGarden help?

  • StarGarden consultants created Pay and benefits templates to keep the calculations for the various groups in order

  • They systematically entered groups of employees into the system

  • They then set up a lab for users to test the employee data for accuracy and get familiar with the StarGarden system

Despite the constant changes and obstacles, StarGarden helped the County meet its implementation deadline! StarGarden was also able to:
  • Streamline HR and Payroll processes

  • Accommodate pay and benefit calculations required by the various groups

  • Avoid a lot of customizations

  • Transition knowledge to the core user team

  • Provide in-depth training to ensure optimal ongoing performance



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