StarGarden provides end to end services for your HR software implementation

StarGarden not only develops and sells our HR software but we also implement and provide 24x7 life-cycle support to our customers.

We have two levels of Support for StarGarden HCM’s implementation for you to choose from:

Level 1

  • StarGarden provides product installation
  • Your team provides implementation resources
  • We provide support to your team

Level 2

  • StarGarden provides product installation
  • StarGarden provides configuration and testing support
  • Train the trainer approach

The following section provides overview of StarGarden’s services during implementation

Step 1: Assessment - Before purchasing StarGarden HCM

Determine the fit between your requirements and StarGarden HCM. We will discuss and evaluate the complexities of your organization prior to an implementation project. This will save both parties time and expense.

The assessment consists of the following:

  • 2 - 3 days on site visit: To meet with HR, Payroll, Finance, and any other interested party to discuss your needs in detail.
  • During the visit: We learn about your organization and you learn how StarGarden could meet your needs. Our experienced consultants will show you how our system handles your business processes and we will jointly flag potential challenges. Depending on the costs and criticality, the team may decide to re-engineer your existing processes or in some cases, StarGarden will customize the system and provide related costs.
  • Post visit: A proposal will be written up after the visit.

StarGarden will deliver a proposal for review, which will contain the following information:

  • Summation of your needs
  • Budget
  • Implementation Plan
  • Timelines
  • The need (if any) for customizations and estimates for them
  • Suggestions for the setup of the StarGarden HCM
  • Cost

Step 2: Implementation

Implementations are carried out in phases if you choose to use StarGarden’s end to end services (Level2).

Phase 1: Covers the core HR and Payroll functions to set you up to take care of the important functions first.

Phase 2: We review your business processes to see where additional automation and customization would be cost-effective. These can be accepted and scheduled or deferred without any disruption to the core system.

Time Line of Implementation:

Varies from 1 - 3 months depending on the team you can dedicate to the project. During the Assessment phase our experienced consultants will help you evaluate the scope of the project and the readiness of your organization to implement the new system.


StarGarden will develop any specific modifications necessary to go live with payroll. Where customizations are required, these will be identified and estimated during the Assessment. Typically these are found in the areas of time collection, custom pay advices, and integration with your other production systems.

Step 3: Training

StarGarden provides internet-based webinars, on-site training courses and personal coaching. StarGarden Consultants will direct your people through the system set-up through a program of on-site support, training, documentation and telephone support.



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