HR Data and Analytics

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - HR Data and Analytics

Top Performing organizations around the world are putting decision support analytics tools directly into the hands of HR managers.
And with good reason.
Organizations who use HR data in their management decision making processes report revenue per employee 26% higher than organizations that do not use HR data

How insightful HR data and analytics can benefit long-term business strategy

Hiring Practices

Although some applicants are not currently suitable for hire, having their information for later reference in an organized manner can help reduce time for finding someone new later. An integrated HR platform that allows job posting and the automatic transfer of an applicant to employee status on selection, reduces errors and onboarding time thus creating a positive employee experience.

Retention Practices

It costs up to 2X the exiting employee’s salary to hire a new employee. Having a complete picture of your turnover rates by supervisor, department, and tenure can give you insights and help you proactively intervene for check-ins to prevent loss of talent. Retention of resources is a great way to not only avoid costly hiring practices but also retain company knowledge in the organization.

Performance Management

Top performers generate 3X the revenue per employee than an average employee. It is therefore key to identify and retain those star employees. Regular check-ins and feedback with alerts set to intervene when productivity or performance lags can help organizations to connect with employees in a social and constructive way and help teams stay on track to accomplish business objectives.


From employment equity to tax filings, being able to access compliance reports quickly and automatically send them to the appropriate government authorities increases HR efficiency and leaves you time to perform strategic work for the organization.

Workplace Safety incidents and losses

Tracking the number of safety incidents gives HR a good picture of current processes and outlines areas of improvement, as well as benchmarking the organization against industry standards. It also allows for the reduction in losses related to costs from potential lawsuits and/or reputational damage. Some industries are required to report on this information to the government to comply with OSHA or other regulations.

Business Process Efficiency and Cost Reduction

HR is able to become true strategic partners by measuring the effectiveness of current business processes and outlining any potential gaps. Accurate and up-to-date HR data allows decisions to be made on how to best utilize limited resources.

Get insights into the inner workings of your organization and tie financial impacts to HR initiatives using accurate and timely HR data and analytics.

StarGarden’s HR Reporting tool provides HR data that lets you get a complete picture of your workforce management processes. If you are ready to find out what StarGarden’s Reporting can do for your organization then book your free demo.



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