How HR can play an active role in ensuring organizational security

A majority of organizations will agree that ensuring data security is the most important objective for IT departments around the world. Data breaches like that of Yahoo and Target highlight the importance of access management and fortifying information security. Security problems can cause mistrust, reputation damage, devaluation of stock prices, and even loss of customers.

Millennials, the largest portion of the workforce today, generally have a less cautious attitude towards security than others. Work environments are continually changing and it is more important than ever to actively ensure data security goes beyond just policy. HR has an active role to play.

In this white paper find out:

  • The reasons for increased focus on security around the world
  • Which employee habits are worse than hackers
  • HR’s role in ensuring data security in organizations
  • How to ensure ex-employees’ access terminates automatically on their departure
HR's Role in ensuring Data Security


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