Long Term Care

HR Solutions for the Long Term Care industry.

Our patented process ensures that our system will integrate seamlessly and improve efficiencies so that you can easily access and control all of your employee data in one place.

All-in-one Software trusted by HR professionals


Get accurate management and analysis of hiring sources, costs, and all the recruitment-related tasks built into your own, unique recruitment workflow. Ensure you are hiring certified and qualified staff. With proactive and responsive online processes, budgeting, and workforce planning becomes much easier.


StarGarden’s HCM 5.0 is a completely integrated HR system that offers user-friendly report generation capabilities. With 150 + pre-defined reports and dashboards, viewing current metrics becomes easy for planning and compliance reporting.


Track and maintain detailed training records with expiry dates and notifications. Make sure you have the right mix of qualifications and skills on staff at any given time.


Manage unlimited collective agreements including complex pay and benefits calculations. Seniority can be tracked and reported in a variety of ways.


Submit, manage and approve time and vacation requests. StarGarden reduces the need for additional systems and simplifies the overall scheduling, time capture, and employee payment processes.


StarGarden provides comprehensive record-keeping of all employee safety training courses. Proactive reminders are available for courses and certifications that require renewal. Health and Safety related information with consolidated record keeping and reporting, emergency contact tracking, and medical tests, can all be systematically documented.


Automate business processes and ensure that requests are forwarded to the appropriate resource for approval. Streamline procedures and create a full audit trail for verification that the correct procedure was followed.


StarGarden can easily connect with your existing systems allowing data to be exchanged and viewed through one user interface. With all your applications and data in one place, you won’t need to switch back and forth between systems.

Let us help you manage your most important resource

We can help you automate tasks and eliminate paperwork so you can get back to taking care of the people who need you the most. Let StarGarden's 30+ years of experience help you improve the quality of care you give.

  • On-site registered services
  • Nurses & nurse assistants
  • Administration & support
  • Off-site support workers
  • Contractors & specialists
  • Resident family physicians

How StarGarden HCM Software helps Long Term Care facilities

  • Acquire qualified new staff when additional team members are necessary

  • Streamline the staffing process to ensure new hires meet qualifications and needs

  • Implement automated workflows to create efficiencies in resource allocation

  • Comply with changing government regulatory requirements and policies

  • Keep track of all groups of staff in one cloud-based system. From in-house physicians to casual support workers

  • Prevent clerical errors in data storage and management


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