An Integrated HR solution to help optimize workforce

An assistance services company based in Ontario, Canada with offices across the country and nearly 1500 employees evaluates an integrated HR & payroll solution.

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Realizing the benefits of an Integrated HR solution

The company started evaluating its options for a new HR solution that could meet its specific requirements. Specifically, they had to comply with requirements of a government contract it held, and all the client data needed to be housed in Canada. They currently had to call an outsourcer when they needed to make changes to their setup (incurring extra costs) and time lags in compliance.

Why they chose StarGarden:

  • StarGarden's system houses data in tables under the complete control of the organization
  • StarGarden’s position-centric solution also allowed the organization to implement clear position controls and eliminate errors
  • StarGarden solution allowed them to capture large amounts of employee and position data and an unlimited number of user defined fields
  • StarGarden's software had plenty of room to grow with the organization, allowing expansion of the system as needed by simply utilizing other modules.
  • The annual maintenance fees for StarGarden was significantly lower than their previous provider
The benefits StarGarden was also able to bring in the organization:·
  • Reduced errors, as it would no longer have to enter data into 2 separate systems.
  • Seamless flow of G/L information from payroll to the GL and the process no longer dropped terminated employees from the month-end statements.
  • Automated vacation accruals
  • Ability to pull payroll reports by specific dates rather than pay period
  • True integration with ONE database for easier reporting and data analysis
  • Ability to future-date transactions with no impact to other future-dated actions in the system
  • System generated "Employee Self Service" password re-sets (vs. requiring time-consuming HR involvement)
  • Training during implementation and also year-round through ongoing online training courses
  • Associated HR reports for all processes
  • Full Employment Equity module to allow tracking and reporting on criteria specific to the equity requirements issues by the government.
  • Skills and competency gap analysis for succession planning
  • Aility to track performance ratings
The company had two options: integrate payroll with HR utilizing StarGarden’s payroll module or continue with the current payroll solution and interface it back to the StarGarden HR system.

The company chose to initially integrate its existing payroll system with the StarGarden HR system. A couple of years later, the organization abandoned their payroll solution and implemented the StarGarden payroll module.

Working with a Canadian company provided the organization with the confidence that its payroll provider understood local payroll legislation


This organization concentrates on the analysis of their data and processes and optimizing their workforce rather than spending time trying to extract and match up data from multiple sources. It expanded its consolidation project to include their scheduling and workforce management systems and integrations to benefit carriers which are all now managed with the StarGarden solution.



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