Extended HR

StarGarden HCM 5.0 - Extended HR

Talent Management with Reporting to meet the compliance needs of your organization!

A one stop Integrated HR system to meet all your needs.

Key HR functionalities that StarGarden’s Extended HR module includes:


The recruitment module is designed to mirror the recruitment process in your organization. Requisitions for employees can be entered and then turned into postings. Applicants are attached to specific postings. Each step of the recruitment procedure is tracked, as is the source of the applicant and cost of the process.

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The Performance modules allow managers to do employee evaluations and performance reviews in a timely, consistent, and fair manner. This module provides reminders and metrics for comparison and identifying top performers. 360 degree or anonymous feedbacks are supported.

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The Training module allows tracking, planning, costing and scheduling of in-house and external training courses. It allows employees to request approval from their managers on training they want to attend. It tracks expiry of professional certificates and sends reminders to stay up-to-date with regulations.

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Labour Relations

The Labour or Employee Relations module provides a full set of programs to manage grievances, disciplinary actions, and performance reviews. Individual or class grievances can be tracked through all stages until final resolution. The disciplinary action management component tracks the steps taken to record non-compliance and the resulting actions.

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Employment Equity

The Employment Equity module tracks and reports on criteria specific to the requirements issued by the government. A variety of user-defined tables allow for the definition of race/ethnic types, disabilities, age ranges, salary ranges, occupation classes, veteran status, citizenship and languages.

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Health & Safety

The Health and Safety module manages common health and occupational safety issues. It tracks both accident and medical histories for every employee, and can be used to schedule and monitor standard medical exams, medical testing of all kinds, convalescent follow-ups, and even corrective actions.

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Employee Engagement Playbook - What you MUST know to create an Engaged Workforce

An engaged workforce is a competitive advantage for growth seeking organizations. Learn about the telling signs of a disengaged employee and how to motivate them to reconnect with your organization and work.


Talent and Reporting go hand in hand: Extended HR provides all you need for Talent Management and Compliance

Let our 30+ years of experience help you take advantage of humanizing your technology tools for talent management. If you are ready to see what StarGarden’s HCM 5.0 can do for you then contact us today for a free demo!




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