Streamlining HR activities so staff can spend time more strategically

Prince William County wanted employees to become more self-reliant and use self-service capabilities.

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StarGarden gets the rules right and then takes care of processing those informational needs so our government clients like Prince William don’t have to.

Marnie Larson


Empowering people through self service:

Prince William County has stayed with StarGarden HR suite for more than 20 years. It employs about 4,000 employees in 37 agencies that provide services including public works, fire and police response, and social services. Over the years Prince William County has elected to do many customizations and some major upgrades to its StarGarden HR/Pay system including customized workflow, business process mapping, and modifications to streamline their configuration as the county grows and changes.

When the OIT Director – Bruce Nicholson wanted to streamline work activities so his staff could be more strategic, productive and less tactical, StarGarden consultants helped explore options

How StarGarden helped ?
  • StarGarden advised it was possible for HR to be more strategic only if they don’t have to drop what they are doing and respond to requests

  • StarGarden helped the County’s employees become self-responsible by adding employee self-service

  • StarGarden built in multiple points of flexibility into the rule framework of the system they used so that staff can select which type of rule, in a given context is most appropriate for a situation

  • StarGarden maintains and upgrades the legal and regulatory rules so that employees at client sites like Prince William County, stay current with the constantly changing legislation and can use their time strategically

The average length of commitment to a financial system is seven years. What compels Prince William County to continue using a system like StarGarden for more than 16 years?

In their own words:

We are extremely pleased with the responsiveness of the company and their knowledgeable staff. Our employees trust us to get it right and we trust StarGarden to help deliver on that promise. We’re a good team and it’s been that way since day one.

Bruce Nicholson

OIT Director at Prince William County

Impact of the Employee Self Service Roll Out at Prince William County:
  • Helping employees become responsible for their own record management and reporting eased the constraints on the HR department dealing with constant requests for information.

  • The OIT team can now provide a higher level of service with the same number of people who previously had much of their attention focused on reacting to information requests

  • The most complicated issue from Nicholson’s perspective, the review process, is available during the pay generation period itself. Getting it right each time helps his employees prevent issues and helps the payroll staff not just from a productivity standpoint but also for reliability of information.



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